Three are the targets/objectives of the training track:
  1. Designer of  architectures and adaptive interfaces for AAL
  2. Technician supporting research on AAL
  3. Expert on human/machine interaction in the field of AAL

Since the user will be the starting point of the dynamic relation telling his needs, and final point using the technology in daily life, first and the third mainly dedicated to Graduated persons (University or specialist degree) and focused to the training of investigators. They create a multidisciplinary group able to read users’ requirements, compare them with technological challenges and manage a project able to innovate customers’ living environment.
The second objective mainly dedicated to technologist/technicians able to support research. The attention to train high school graduated is coherent with many Regions strategy with the objective of train experts able to answer to companies needs.
These professionals will undergo training tracks as follows:

  • Common activities
  • Specific target/objective phases
  • Specific specialist phases according to the residency fields, but trying to establish groups which are transversal to the three tracks
  • Group final project work