Two specific topics need to be tackled:

  1. Design and implementation of a platform for software tools integration, hence the formalization of domestic environment available information;
    Design and develop a software architecture able to both manage (as representation and exposure) the information and knowledge related to the domestic environment, and enabling the efficiency of information exchange among software tools. The house will be theatre of new scenarios.
  2. New paradigm, methodologies and innovative technologies for human-machine interaction to implement adaptive interfaces (for both user and domestic environment).
    Identify new design methodologies creating facilities to access to the domotics environment to different users. This implies the definition and development of holistic and adaptive user interfaces to satisfy the different utilization profiles/contexts and user requirements/skills. Moreover these interfaces will have to be able to define and represent user’s behavior within the identified scenarios. 

Project work is divided in different Objectives of Realization (click on the figure to go deeper into the Objectives)