The Istituto Auxologico Italiano (IAI) is Scientific Research and Clinical Care Institution. The project Design4All will be held at the Department of Geriatrics and Cardiovascular Medicine and the Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Laboratory. Patients with neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory or orthopedic diseases are referred for both hospital admission or the outpatient clinics and a nursing home hosts 160 elderly subjects with or without cognitive impairment and/or comorbidities, as well as healthy individuals. 


Major areas of expertise are cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders with a special focus on novel approaches to rehabilitation by using Virtual Reality, Ambient Intelligence and Internet. The IAI will contribute to the identification of the characteristics of the target population which will participate in the research project. The IAI will also actively participate in the validation phase of the results. Samples of subjects with different characteristics will be identified for their enrolment in the validation study. The IAI will provide the expertise for the development of the models of virtual reality and the facilities for their implementation.