Eurotech is a global company with a strong international focus. Born and still headquartered in Italy and listed in the Italian Stock Exchange, it has operating locations in Europe, North America and Japan. Eurotech mission is to create end-to-end solutions to seamlessly interconnect distributed smart objects and move valuable data among machines, not just within machines, towards the realization of the so-called Internet of Things. To do so, device-to-Cloud, Cloud Computing Platform, and Bigdata are the keywords that Eurotech is pursuing, to support customers in creating new value-add services and asset monitoring applications, so as to allow them to obtain a sensible reduction of applications time-to-market but still relying on heavy-duty usage conditions and mission critical hardware and software products.


Within the present project, Eurotech will deliver its expertise in providing the design and realization of a Device Cloud infrastructure able to act as the collector of the many data the project application scenarios will deliver. From data transport, to storage, to reactive actions, to data mining, and analytics, Eurotech will cover the realization of the different building blocks of the infrastructure, and of the platform as a whole. This contribution will allow other partners, specifically those whose activity will focus either on data gathering or analysis, to forget about technicalities and concentrate on their goals, providing them – at hands – both with raw data for immediate reaction, and custom or automatic analysis on historical data series.