Laboratorio delle Idee is a company specialized in research and innovation – both methodological and technological – applied to multimedia communication, training, marketing and development of human resources and territory.
Founded in 1992 the experience of a team of business consultants and trainers, is characterized in 1996 by a strong orientation to the development and application of new technologies of information and communication to the sectors of its traditional business, due to the inclusion of a figure in companies specializing in ICT.


Our role in the project, in partnership with Logical System, concerns:
Data, information and knowledge formalisation related to design software tools; Design of a platform for software applications integration; Web-services development; Requirements identification for software tools; Development of acquisition/processing system of data arising from smart objects and their users. Integration of models/systems into a unique structure; Development of an high-usability user interface; Application validation (the validation will address the whole application from the sw point of view);