Politecnico di Milano is the major research university in Italy focused on Engineering, Architecture and Design. In particular, the Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering and the Design Dpt. will be involved in the project. The KAEMaRT Group of the Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering has gained scientific and technological competences in the areas of virtual prototyping, human computer interaction, multi-modal and multi-sensory interaction, haptic interfaces, product experience and emotional engineering, while the Design Dpt. has scientific competences in the areas of interaction design.


The role of Politecnico di Milano in the project will mainly be focused on the analysis of the human-machine interaction, on the definition of the methods and tools for evaluating the users’ feeling and emotional state when interacting with the new adaptive user interface, and on the design and development of the new adaptive user interface. In addition, Politecnico di Milano will design and develop the virtual environment, which will be used for the validation of the adaptive interfaces, and the tools used for designing these interfaces.