The Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) has 12 departments, 550 professors (the largest is the Engineering Faculty with 180 professors), and 17.000 students; it participates to 31 academic spin-off. In this project will be involved the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (research group of Design Methods and Tools) and the Department of Electrical Engineering (research group of Informatics) that have a remarkable experience on European and National Projects since they has been coordinators of 6th and 7th FP and of several MiSE and MIUR projects.


Specific Role in the Project: UNIVPM will focus on the design and development of adaptive user interfaces. In particular, it will firstly study the methodologies to formalize data, information and knowledge related to user interfaces, and the methodologies for realizing usable adaptive user interfaces according to the specific context and user needs. It will also design and develop models/systems for knowledge management and action implementation on the basis of data collected by the smart objects and their users’ behaviours, and models/systems of adaptive user interface, to be used to instantiate specific models. As far as data fusion is concerned, UNIVPM will develop the exchange data software modules for interface design tools, able to integrate the SW tool used for interface design with the other applications.  Finally, it will involved in the development of the Virtual Environment for the evaluation and validation of the adaptive user interfaces and support the use of this Environment during the case studies development.